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The BlueGreen


Kelly Chalice, Homeowner

The initial survey was helpul on two levels, not only did it confirm whether my house could support a BlueGreen but I also felt the BlueGreen electrician explained the electrics in my house and offered reassurance that the system wasn't as ancient as I thought.  The Installation was straight forward and the BG  electrician explained each step of the installation process.


The BlueGreen is so simple to use and now I have an app on my iPad it is easy to see the value of having it installed on a dailly basis.  The app is very useful.  It is instant and the visually presented information makes it easy to understand.  I am pleased to be doing something to help the environment and save money at the same time.


I have already recommended this to my place of work and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others in the future.  Overall I am delighted with the BlueGreen, the way it was installed and I look forward to the savings it will make me over the next few years.



 Mark Edwards, Pizza Restaurant

 I have found the BlueGreen to be a great money saving device with a useful app showing the amount of energy you are using and saving!  The installation was very professional with no fuss.  Great Product.


John Vasili, Designer Barbers

The service was outstanding and efficient.  I would recommend the BlueGreen to anyone who would like to save money in the future!


Leigh and Barry, Homeowners

We found the BlueGreen to be a great money saving devise on our electricity bills, it is great to beable to view our power online as it is being used, I would recommend the BlueGreen to anybody who wants to save money.