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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who designs my system?

A. Our systems are designed and installed by specialist installers who are CEC Accredited and expirienced in their field


Q. What brands of panels and inverters do you use.  Where can I get more information on a specific panel or inverter?

A. We use a number of quality panels and inverters and have a system to fit most budgets and goals - our design team will beable to answer any questions you may have and are happy to come out and explain the different product to you. You can find more information on our products page.


Q. How many systems have you installed?

A. Our installers install solar systems of all sizes on a daily basis - they are fully qualified, CEC accredited and experts in their field.  


Q. Who completes the electrical hook up to the grid?

A. Electrical Trust of South Australia - ESTA


Q. Does the price quoted include all the metering charges and paperwork for my local electricity supplier?

A. No - the meter is an additional cost supplied by ETSA - we take care of all of the paperwork involved in the connection of the meter for you.


Q. Does the inverter have a transformer - aare the transformerless models better?

A. Most of our inverters are transformerless and these are a little more efficient, our designers can give you the specifications on the inverter recommended for your system.


Q. Is the inverter expandable if I want to add more panels in the future?

A. It is not recommended to install a larger inverter than your system and our designers can give you more information on this.


Q. Has the inverter got maximum power point tracking (MPPT)? I have been told that this makes the system more efficient?

A. Yes - all our inverters have MPPT and this does make them more efficient


Q.  If panels are installed on different roof areas facing slightly different directions, will you use an inverter with seperate inputs for each string of panels?

A. Yes - This is essential


Q. How will I know if my system is performing to its max potential on a day-to-day basis?

A. The power output will drop - if this happens, please contact us immidiately and we will send a technician out


Q. Do you handle all of the paperwork for me and do I then just pay the difference after my rebate has been applied?

A. Yes we handle everything for you including the necessary approvals and all the rebate paperwork and yes you just pay the differnce.


Q. Are all external cables safe?

A. Yes - all external cables are run in UV protected conduit.


Q. What is the lead time from my payment to getting electricity from my panels?

A. We will install you system with in 30 days from the day the deposit is paid.  Your system will be fully operational on the day of install when the balance of the payment is due to be paid to us.  We have no control over ETSA and as such are not responsible for any delays in the ETSA meter.


Q. Are the installers employed by you or are they subcontracted in?

A. We use our tried and trusted preferred contractors BGB Electrcal PTY Ltd, they are a team of electricians and skilled installers and installing solar is what the y do best.


Q. Do you offer any after sales services?

A. Yes - We can offer a full range of services, checks and inspections for you system and also a panel cleaning service and 10 point maintenance check starting from $80.  We are also your first point of contact if you have any warranty issues with you system.